This area is in charge of the transmission of the artistic and pedagogical work of eCdC, as well as the formation of a sensitive public, from different educational levels and diverse layers of society. It is always in search of creating a high level of cultural and artistic offer and demand that may contribute to the cultural development of the population.

  • International Arts Festival Memory and Imagination

This event gathered a wide local, national, and international representation of artists from different disciplines, who shared their creative proposals with the visiting and the native publics. The Festival, which achieved to editions – 1998 and 1999 -, congregated traditional ancestral manifestations and the latest of the world’s artistic vanguard, propitiating this way, a multicultural, plural and inter-ethnic dialogue that broke the barriers between cultural art and popular culture.  The title Memory and Imagination reflects the conception of memory as the cultural dimension that keeps experiences, achievements, and spiritual and material findings of human beings: memory as legacy, as ancestral flood.  Imagination, on the other hand, is culture’s infancy, that which is new, unknown, risk, creation, and the adventure of knowledge.

  • Itinerant Sensitivity Cells

The sensitivity action towards Contemporary Dance and Art achieved by eCdC, in different instances and spaces, must simultaneously be centipede and centrifugal. Along with its formation and creation programs, eCdC visits those communities and localities over which, it is interested in irradiating its influence. With demonstrations of its work, it encourages the movement of those communities towards the space where eCdC is settled.  Thus, it propitiates the access of marginal populations, to those precincts generally exclusive and elitist in the historical part of the city.

  • Contemporary Dance Paths

This program has been created in order to contribute to the artistic and cultural formation of children, youngsters and teachers of the educational system in the city, the Caribbean region, the country and the world, and as an approximation to the methodology of eCdC. It is achieved by massive didactic theater presentations, workshops directed to students, dancers and the general public, as well as through the opening of spaces of interchange, reflection and transmission of the artistic, the pedagogical and the philosophical principles of the institution.