EL COLEGIO DEL CUERPO’s Investigation, Documentation, and Thought Production Centre, which is in process of consolidation has a Library, a Videotheque, a Phonotheque, and other spaces specialized in Contemporary Dance and Art.  It will also have an Editorial Project Department, which will be in charge of publishing those activities and ideas, generated inside eCdC, as well as those related to the social impact in those fields of its own competence.

Contemporary Dance is by nature, an interdisciplinary language. Due to its intrinsic experimental character, it permanently works with traditional culture elements, as well as with the generation of new springs for human creativity.  Tradition culturers and forgers of new traditions may find in this artistic language an unpublished personal mould for their aesthetic, ethic, political, and social inquiries and discoveries.  The concept for contemporary becomes then the capital axis for this investigation and thought production centre, emerged form the entrails of Cartagena de Indias, the Caribbean, and Colombian reality, in the beginnings of the third millennium.