EL COLEGIO DEL CUERPO (eCdC) was founded in September 1997 in Cartagena de Indias by the dancers, choreographers and pedagogues Álvaro Restrepo (Colombia) and Marie France Delieuvin (France). As Artistic and Pedagogical Directors, they have created a space so that children, youngsters and the public in general, may have an opportunity to approach the expressive and artistic dimension of the human body, through the language of Contemporary Dance.  eCdC achieves its mission through its Areas of Formation, Creation, Sensitivity and Diffusion, and Investigation and Documentation.

     Education for Dance

 Its objective is to form dancers, choreographers and pedagogues with a high international professional level. It is developed through three programs of studies: Seeds of Talents, Artistic High School (Emphasis Contemporary Dance) and Contemporary Studies in Dance / (Técnico Laboral en Interpretación en Danza: name of the program according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education). Students from different cultural, national, international origins and economic life conditions are admitted, as a strategy for the consolidation of what the Director of eCdC has called the Talent Stratum (Estrato Talento). Since Colombia´s society is classified by socio-economic strata, segregation and exclusion have affected education in the country, especially in Cartagena de Indias, where most of the population is afro-descendant and mixed. Thus, eCdC forms students who share their talent for Dance, as a contribution for the education of citizens, conscious of their social responsibility towards the construction of a more peaceful and fair society.

     Education with Dance

 Through this strategy, focused in an education for the well being of the human body, eCdC has created a space for the awakening of sensitivity, the development of creativity, concentration and the intelligence of the human body. The subsequent objective is the prevention of risks that affect childhood and youth of vulnerable populations, who are exposed to all kinds of violence, drug addiction, malnutrition, school desertion, forced involvement into the armed conflict of the country, sexual abuse and exploitation, gangs, minors´ work, despair…

         Education for Dance

  •  Compañía del Cuerpo de Indias (professional nucleus of eCdC)


Some of the dancers of the Compañía del Cuerpo de Indias began their formation at eCdC in 1997, when they were still children as part of the Pilot Experimental Group. The time they have dedicated to this discipline has been absolutely voluntary and vocational. In 2002, two other dancers with formation and experience in Traditional afro-Colombian dance joined the Company. In August 2008, four of the dancers graduated from the program Dance Teaching of the University of Antioquia, developed in agreement with the University Tecnológica de Bolívar and the Ministry of Culture.

Finally, two more dancers were admitted: one of them was in 2007, after having received formation in Classical Dance at the Academy Los Cisnes (Cartagena de Indias), and after having performed as dancer of the Ballet de Antioquia. While the other one, joined the company in 2011, after having graduated from INCOLBALLET (Colombian Institute of Ballet), based in Cali (Colombia). All the dancers of the Company are teachers of the children, youngsters and students of eCdC, as well as Coordinators of the pedagogical programs, besides being interpreters and choreographers. (See CV of the Compañía del Cuerpo de Indias  – Creation Area.)

  • Professional Insertion Group


The integrants of this group are graduates from the program Contemporary Studies in Dance (Técnico Laboral en Interpretación en Danza) (2011). Some of them started their formation at eCdC in 2001 within the programs Seeds of Talent and Artistic High School (Emphasis Contemporary Dance). The studies are oriented towards a deepening process in creation, choreography, interpretation and pedagogy of Contemporary Dance based on the methodology of eCdC. Seminars of complementary artistic and humanistic disciplines complement the formation, preparing the dancers for their professional realization.

This group represents the first formation experience of the Talent stratum (Estrato Talento) of eCdC. Half of the group is composed by afro-descendants and mixed youngsters from vulnerable populations of the city, who received a scholarship to study at eCdC during 10 years. The other students are from different cities of the country that joined eCdC between 2008 and 2010, with economic possibilities to pay for their studies, thus contributing to the formation of those from vulnerable populations.

  • Contemporary Studies in Dance Program

(Técnico Laboral en Interpretación en Danza)

     Duration: 2 years / 4 semesters

     Degree: Técnico Laboral en Interpretación en Danza / Estudios Contemporáneos en Danza

     Program registered at the Education District Secretariat of Cartagena de Indias through Resolution # 320 – November, 30, 2011.

     Graduation requiremet: Students must propose a project in one of the following fields: creation, pedagogical or investigation, which must be presented to an invited external jury.


The program is open to students from all over the country and the world, who are interested in studying at eCdC, in order to deepen and improve their previous formation in any of the genres of Dance: Contemporary, Classical, Traditional, Folk, Brake, Hip-hop, Urban, etc. The program is developed through three thematic axes: Body and Creation (Interpretation, Choreography, Staging); Interdisciplinary Body (complementary artistic disciplines: Music, Photography, Video, Plastic Arts, Art History); Body and Society (Pedagogy and transmission).

The formation corresponds to the specific requirements of a superior level program in Contemporary Dance. Training is intensive and formation leads to different Contemporary Dance techniques and choreographic languages. The choreographers and artistic directors – Álvaro Restrepo y Marie France Delieuvin – assume the artistic and pedagogical responsibility of the program, with the collaboration of the professional dancers of the Compañía del Cuerpo de Indias as teachers, guiding and supervising their work, as well as the one done by the teachers of the complementary disciplines.

Admission requirements:


     Age: 18 – 23 years old. (Exceptional cases will be studied.)

     Previous formation in Dance: Please send CV and a video with an improvisation.

     Motivation letter: Explain your interest for entering the program.

     Additional information: e.mail, cel or phone number, address, city, country.

     Answer: Will be sent as soon as the materials have been studied.

     Deadline for sending materials: February 15 (of every year).

     Registration: January 15 – February 20 of every year.


     Address: El Colegio del Cuerpo / Calle Larga # 10 -27 / Getsemaní / Cartagena de Indias / Colombia

     Tel: (57 / 5) 660 2443 / 664 3184 / 664 9341

  • Artistic High School Program (Contemporary Dance Emphasis)

This program is open to children and adolescents, chosen by their talent, vocation and interest to become professional dancers in the future. Those who wish to continue their formation, once they graduate from high school, are admitted in the program Contemporary Studies in Dance / Técnico Laboral en Interpretación en Danza, whose level corresponds to a superior level studies program.


Artistic disciplines as Music, Photography, Plastic Arts, complement Contemporary Dance classes and improvisation workshops. The formation is achieved during the 6 corresponding years of high school, in the opposite schedule of their academic studies, accomplished in public schools. The continuity of the pedagogical process has been guaranteed with funds from the Ministry of Culture, the Education District Secretariat and Asociación Metrópoli Colombia.


Since its foundation in 1997, eCdC has formed two generations of students from vulnerable populations in this program, having started the pedagogical experience with the integrants of the Pilot Experimental Group. Two of the professional dancers of the Compañía del Cuerpo de Indias started their formation as part of that group. Currently, there are 60 students participating in the program, chosen from Project MA: my body, my house, developed between 2007 and 2011 through the strategy Education with Dance. Through agreements signed with some of the schools, with the support from the Education District Secretariat, the formation received at eCdC has been recognized, being mentioned in their high school diploma.


     Education with Dance


Between 2007 and 2009, eCdC achieved Project MA: my body, my house (The education of the body as strategy for the formation of peace citizens).  With funds from Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) through the World Bank, 1.200 children from the most vulnerable zones of Cartagena de Indias were formed. The positive impact of the project on the children, the tutor teachers that participated in all classes and workshops with them, and the parents who received workshops and lectures about issues that affect the lives of vulnerable populations, motivated JSDF to further sponsor the project. A selection of 380 children continued their formation during 2010, and 240 during 2011, when the project ended. It has been the most important experience developed by eCdC through the strategy Education with Dance. To contribute to the improvement of the quality of education, and the environmental conditions for teaching and learning within the public schools where the project was developed, 7 dance studios were adapted where the children from 18 schools received their classes and workshops.


     Other Body Sensitivity Programs – Education with Dance Strategy

(See: History of the Formation Area.)